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pulse Pro Smart Environmental Monitor

pulse Pro Smart Environmental Monitor

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Introducing the Pulse Pro, the big brother of the Pulse One, offering all the same features and more. With additional sensors and hardware, the Pulse Pro takes your grow room monitoring to the next level.

In addition to temperature, humidity, VPD, and light monitoring, the Pulse Pro introduces new capabilities to enhance your growing experience. It includes:

CO2 data: With dual-channel NDIR technology, the Pulse Pro provides accurate and precise CO2 measurements, giving you valuable insights into your grow room's carbon dioxide levels.

PPFD/PAR: Measure the total number of photons within the PAR region, specifically tailored to plant growth. Understand the precise amount of light your plants receive and optimize their photosynthetic potential.

Spectrum & color analysis: Dive deeper into your grow lights' performance with spectrum and color analysis. Measure and analyze the light's color spectrum output to ensure it aligns perfectly with your plants' needs.

Light flicker frequency: Detect unwanted voltage changes and assess the health of your ballasts and bulbs. The Pulse Pro monitors light flicker frequency, helping you identify potential issues and maintain optimal lighting conditions.

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery: The Pulse Pro comes equipped with a long-lasting lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Enjoy wireless, handheld operation when taking PPFD measurements or conducting ongoing data logging during power outages. Stay connected and in control, even in challenging situations.

Upgrade your grow with the Pulse Pro Smart Grow Room Monitoring system and unlock the full potential of your cultivation efforts. With its advanced features and expanded capabilities, the Pulse Pro empowers you to take your grow to new heights of precision and productivity. Elevate your grow room monitoring experience with the Pulse Pro today.

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