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Autopot® System Starter Kits

Autopot® System Starter Kits

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Experience Hydroponic Gardening with Autopot® Systems

Unlock the joy of hydroponic gardening with Autopot® Systems, designed to bring professional results within reach for everyone. Say goodbye to the complexities and challenges of conventional hydroponic systems. Simply plant your seedlings or seeds, fill the tank with water, add nutrients, and watch remarkable results unfold. From planting to harvest, Autopot® Systems deliver impressive yields while maintaining simplicity and convenience.

Key Advantages of Autopot® Systems:

  • Easy and Versatile: Autopot® Systems utilize a patented hydroponic technique that's easy, versatile, and suitable for all age groups, from school-age beginners to experienced gardeners.
  • Minimal Commitment: Enjoy gardening benefits without a heavy time commitment. Autopot® Systems provide pleasure and produce without the need for a specific attention schedule.
  • Various Solutions: Autopot® offers solutions for everyone, from novices to commercial users. Gravity-fed systems are great for starters, while pump-fed methods are practical for larger setups.
  • Hydropak Starter Kits: The Hydropak starter kit is an ideal introduction, containing all components within the 35-liter tank for efficient packaging and shipping. It includes the Hydrotray Double 10" module, perlite/vermiculite mix, nutrient, filter, tubing, fittings, and instructions.
  • Autopot® 8 Pot Kit: If you're looking for a larger system, the Autopot® 8 Pot Kit is a fantastic option. It comes with Hydrotray Double 10" trays, Hydrotank, Smart-valves, pots, root control mats, tubing, and more.

Benefits of Autopot® Systems:

  • Accurate watering with no run-off.
  • Saves water and nutrients.
  • Can be left unattended for weeks!

Experience the world of hydroponic gardening with Autopot® Systems, where simplicity meets exceptional results. Whether you're starting small or aiming big, Autopot® has a solution to elevate your gardening experience.

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